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Max quality assurance system is trusted partner of more than 1000 customers worldwide for accredited Management System Certification & Training Services, and operates globally. Max quality assurance system intends to promote responsibility and encourage awareness against Quality,

Environment, Safety and security for the organisations within various industrial fields. Max quality assurance system also endeavours to improve Quality, Environmental, Safety, Food Safety and Information Security issues within the industry, the commerce and the public domain. Max quality assurance system as one of the major certification bodies will do the best to achieve its goals and recognises that effective management of its clients, staff, certification process and business will result a good reputation. This will be the fundamental and integral part of its business strategy.

We will achieve our goals by:

• providing an international certification service that is to be impartial for all the organisations seeking our service

• providing a professional service that is to be the one adding value to and meeting the expectation of our clients,

• practicing certification principles which deliver confidence by means of qualified and competent personnel and overseas agents,

• having respect for and valuing our own personnel,

• training our own personnel in order to deliver audits that meet client, statutory, regulatory and our own requirements,

• developing a tool for an open exchange of information with related organizations and the public regarding the certification service that we provide,

• improving our certification service continuously,

• practising whole and sound business principles to manage the certification body and share benefits with our shareholders, and Communicating this policy to our personnel, clients and interested parties.

Why Us

We are seeking for CUSTOMERS SUCCESS as our main goal !

Nowadays, all the companies around the world face the continuous changes in economical, social and environmental aspects. They are demanded to change continuously and become confused to face unpredictable business trends.

It is necessary for them to prepare high standard of quality, environmental actions and product safety beyond the customers' requirements. Max quality assurance system, as a global certification body will provide our customers a worldwide competitiveness so that they can survive in this business competition with experienced and competent human resources.

As we are in the way we do now, always be correct, reliable and impressing. We all do our best to achieve our customers' success as our main goal.

Our Vision:

“To become first customer choice in providing effective & cost efficient certification services to transfer businesses to quality producer organization with international recognition”

Our Mission:

“To provide a cutting edge, training and certification services to our clients with continual improvement at an affordable cost”

Our Values:

• Commitment to employees

• Commitment to clients

• Commitment to quality and excellence

Added Values:

• Local Company with International Certification Support

• Network across the Globe

• Qualified and Experienced Staff

• Flexibility


Quality Policy

Assist Organizations Enhance Their Capability and Achieve Best Performance In Their Market Place With Impartiality In Carrying Out Its Management Certification Services and Managing Conflicts of Interest.
Max Quality Assurance System is managed by a group of professionals having wide experience in Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Quality Management Systems, Environmental Management Systems, Operational Health Safety and Food Safety with a commitment to provide non-discriminatory, integrated, independent and impartial services to customers.


We at MQAS are committed to provide an impartial, independent, fair, transparent and competent management system certification services to all the clients in accordance with requirements of the applicable International Standards for Certification Bodies. We are also committed to maintain the impartiality of certification activities and the confidentiality of information in all aspects.

  • •This is achieved through:
  • • Understanding the importance of impartiality on carrying out certification activities
  • • Managing conflicts of interest
  • • Ensuring objectivity of the certification activities
  • • Employing trained and competent personnel in carrying out certification activities
  • • Operating the procedures in a non-discriminatory manner
  • • Enhancing the client satisfaction by value adding audit and prompt response to client requirements
  • • Continual improvement of management system and certification activities through regular reviews and feedback from interested parties.